Sunday, November 2, 2014

They call it "Daddy Daycare"

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Some people call it Daddy Daycare, Stay at home Dad, homemaker, home economist, househusband, astrophysicist (well, maybe not the last one).  Whatever it is, it started today, Sunday, a day earlier than scheduled thanks to Mrs. Ferguson's impending report card deadline.  It's 2014 so Dad staying home with the kids is hardly going to raise eyebrows but nevertheless my anecdotal observation is that there ain't many doing it around these parts.  So it's me and the mums.

One of my favourite places to take Felicity and Toby is the Agriculture Museum.  It helps that they let teachers and under-3s in for free but I think we'd still be tempted to get the family membership because it is very good.  It's good because it is has an outdoor play structure, indoor play area, small animal barn, demonstration kitchen and space to run and pigs.  As the kids get older it also has cows, horses and other bigger things that currently scare them.  

Sunday was a cloudless, cool day.  Felicity continued her love affair with slides and Toby started a new romance with a goat. 

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