Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest we forget

Each year I find that Remembrance Day is more poignant and more sad.  I think this is natural as I get older, build my own family and learn more about the horrors of war.  I am still generally vehemently opposed to war and military force and I believe that our leaders go to war for many ill-founded and self-serving reasons.  However, that does nothing to lessen my respect for those who serve in the armed forces and especially for those who have lost their lives.  It is an absolute tragedy that well meaning men and women lose their lives for often unapparent benefit.  I truly appreciate the way we are able to live today and I don't know how different that would be had a million people not died in world war one but it would certainly be extraordinarily hard to have lost a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan and to have ask the question "for what?".  One of my regrets is that I did not attend the 2003 demonstration in London against the Iraq war. 

We spent the second part of our day at the Remembrance Day service at the Carlingwood shopping mall - close to home and indoors although the weather was glorious today.  Toby slept through proceedings and Felicity had no idea what was going on but this is the next generation who will show respect to the families who have lost so much.  

The earlier part of day was spent baking muffins for our playdate guests.  Baking with Felicity is fun.  Add Toby into the mix, literally, and things quickly get out of hand.  He's well meaning but lacks  the skills and experience to be able to making a meaningful contribution to the project.  He does however get the cute-one-year-old-of-the-day award for today.  

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