Friday, November 14, 2014

Chez Grandparents

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Another cold day so we decided to drop Crystal at school and head out to her parents for the day.  This meant we could do another forest walk, Felicity could see the horses, Sab could teach her all the names of the trees and she could indulge her favourite pastime, jumping off things.  We also got to enjoy Don Giovanni which fortunately is in Italian as the story seems quite inappropriate for the under-3s.  

Week two draws to a close.  Lots still to work on.  I am reasonably satisfied with the mix of activities that we are doing.  Where I really want to improve is my relationship with Felicity and thus my ability to get her to want to co-operate.  It's time to do some reading.  We are both quite stubborn and I am not good at making things 'fun'.  My excuse is that I am a type 2 fun person.  This means that I derive my fun from the feeling that you get having done something, usually a long and uncomfortable physical challenge such as a bike ride.  I enjoy the actual activity and doing the activity is fun for me but it is the whole package experience that is so fulfilling and 'fun'.  Type 1 fun is the more conventional silly, funny fun.  I am crap at this.  I need to loosen up and have some god damn fun, man.

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gmedhurst said...

The relentless p!$$ taking over the years by the boys was (and will continue to be) our attempt at helping to loosen you up and be a bit more Type 1.

I believe I am a type 1 and 2 fun person. Is that possible?