Sunday, February 12, 2017

39 for 39

Last year was a disaster.  I woke up with flu like symptoms and a fever.  I drove to the park with a thermometer in my mouth and skied as far as Fortune Lake.  I went home and stayed there for 5 days with what was I think my second bout of flu in my life and certainly the worst.

This year went a lot better.  Dejan, Deb, Steph and Dan joined me and we left P9 at 10.30. 

The route:
P9-->Parkways and 1B to Western-->McKinstry-->Firetower-->#1 and back to P9.  39.9km. 

The snow started at 11 and was relentless with 10cm on the ground by the end which made the return journey very heavy going.  I made it back to the car shortly before 4pm with the two hut stops.  A grand day out indeed.