Friday, November 14, 2014

Mud Lake

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Yesterday we went swimming and visited the bank as a family to try to sort out their RESPs.  These are the education funds that should help pay for their post-secondary education.  What a thought, especially when you see the little man run about on the sofa in his sister's hand me down tights.  This outfit was in preparation for a chilly walk at Mud Lake.

My latest challenge is dealing with Toby's new obsessive climbing tendency.  I can no longer take my eye off him for a second.  He is very sophisticated in that he will wheel his toy aeroplane over to the climbing problem that he has identified and then use it to get started on his way up.  Once on the sofa he loves to run from one end to the other but has already taken some head first dives at the carpet.  This means we have to train him not to.  Great gross motor skill development; moderate risk of brain injury.

Mud Lake is very close to home and is a conservation area.  It's a lake with some woods around it and nice footpath that is Toby friendly.  We went with Amanda and Heidi and Cedar on a near zero breezy morning.  I think we would all be better for daily forays into the woods.  That big tomato that looks a lot like Toby seems to agree.

This is a premier bird watching spot being a rare oasis for migrating birds to rest and refuel in amongst the city sprawl.  I was quite convinced that we had scared all the birds away but this little friendly fellow stuck around.

Good sharing you two...

Lots of ducks.  This is where the Chariot nearly ran into the lake.  Ooops.

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