Friday, November 28, 2014


Friday, November 28th, 2014

Yesterday we had the car, the freedom of the great open road and the wind on our sails. All that excitement led me to break out the good camera but it's so darn convoluted getting the photos onto this here blog that it been done yet. We celebrated our vehicular autonomy by heading north into the hills of Gatineau to join Catherine and baby Isaac for her birthday. It's just really nice to have someone to meet up with, something to do and a nice place to do it. I am wedded to the ideal of single car family status but there is no doubt that we would have a better time with a car at disposal. And I would spend a lot more money on drive through coffee and donuts.

So that was a nice Thursday followed by a rubbish disturbed night to usher in our anniversary. Number six. Iron or candy. We were both very grumpy this morning. I'm now too tired to bore you with the details but we missed swimming as Toby slept through it in my arms, had a bath instead and then went for an hour and a half stroller (buggy) walk throughout which they both slept. We did end the day with homemade pizza, Chardonnay and our current favourite British sitcom, Him and Her. For the record Crystal got a bar of chocolate and a horse shoe nail that had been bent into a heart shape necklace by some lady in Nebraska on her anvil. And I got a very expensive Le Creuset pan. More on that later perhaps. 

And I think I'll have to explain these pics another time too. It's 9:10. Time for bed. Rock and roll.

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Crystal Ferguson said...

Clearly they are going on vacation. They are on the plane. Toby has no idea.