Monday, November 10, 2014

The art of being a child

Monday, November 10th, 2014

I'm taking pictures on our old iPod touch, generally the preserve of the cash strapped school kid, but relatively hi-tec in our one car, one computer household.  It takes rubbish photos though which is a particular shame today because our precocious children have only gone and created masterpieces.  At the risk of being one of those parents, I am particularly impressed by Felicity's offering on the left combining as it does a vivid colour palette and some admirable proportionality and depth of texture.  Toby has given away his height by only making it a third of the way up the paper.

This was done at play group exposing me to minimal liability in the paint mess department.  I think playgroup is great for them but today there were 45 kids and adults there and it was a zoo.  Trying to keep an eye on both of them, especially Toby who is a compulsive climber, and attempting to administer snacks in that environment is just draining.  It prompted me to look for outdoor play groups when we got home.  They exist but the Ottawa one seems to be out of action.  Perhaps this is my calling - to re-establish an outdoor play group in Ottawa.  Hmmm...

Slightly wrong but nevertheless amusing anecdote for the day.  Toby loves balloons and the local shopping mall hands them out for free so we always have one or two on the go.  Recently however he has taken to trying to eat/bit/kiss/who knows what them and today he had one pinned, helpless under his face on the kitchen floor.  What he didn't know was that all  that separated him from the hard tile floor was not a lot of latex and a bunch of air, held there only as a courtesy by that not a lot of latex.  Poor little guy only went and burst the balloon thus dealing himself a double whammy of auditory insult and face plant.  I only laughed once I had established no lasting damage and even then, only a little.

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gmedhurst said...

Comedy genius. Well done Toby.