Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little people in a big gym

This week is pretty much try everything and see what sticks.  Today Crystal bicycled to work leaving us with sole use of the family automobile.  We drove to the Hintonburg community centre where they advertise gym play.  Sure enough they have huge, full size gym with a few bits of equipment laid out and not very many customers.  We will come back when the weather is worse and we will bring some friends with us.  In the meantime they loved it.  Felicity dribbled a soccer ball (football) all over the gym and Toby pushed his popcorn wagon around.  Moderately surreal experience but not bad for $3.25.

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store (supermarket), discovered Toby was asleep, carried on home where he promptly woke up, continued to another grocery store only to discover he'd fallen asleep again, bundled him into a shopping cart (trolley) where he enjoyed a whole orange pepper for the duration of our shop.

Grandma and Nonno came by in the afternoon and I installed the winter tires which should ensure at least a brief heatwave.

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gmedhurst said...


Really glad to see that you've started blogging again. I'll make sure we look at it with the kids. It'll be good for them to be exposed to your witty prose.