Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The title tells you how inspired I was at the end of the day Wednesday. I spent a good part of the day filing. We did also go to the Children's museum which is always a hit. After a childhood traumatized by trips to museums, mostly orchestrated by school and involving a lot of reading of very dense descriptions of charisma-free Roman or Greek archaelogical finds, I am of the opinion that anywhere that has interesting things or bodily-kinaesthetic features should not be called a museum. Nevertheless it's brilliant and I only wish it was annexed to my house. As it is it is across the river in Quebec and difficult to get to without the car. Luckily Crystal has found a ride to work and we have the car for two whole days. So now, Thursday, we are at the farm, the kids are playing in the kitchen and I am enjoying the rocking chair.

I should add that before the filing yesterday I had already been peed on and puked on. Anyone would think Toby is 16 weeks not 16 months.

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