Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ski #5 Back in snow business

First, I'll tell you how the night went.  We were in bed at a rock and roll Friday night 10.30pm.  Toby got the ball rolling at 1.30am.  Crystal tried to get him back to sleep, I tried, Crystal tried again.  The whole process continued until after 3am.  At 4am Felicity woke up and I went and "slept" in her bed in between a diaper change, her rolling around and me waking abruptly to find one limb or another had lost circulation as I contorted to fit in the spare 12 inches of space not taken up by stuffed animals or sprawling child.  I finally got up at 6.15am when Toby woke up.  Three 2-hour naps does not constitute a satisfactory night's sleep.  Why I am telling you all this?  I don't know.  Sympathy? No.  Solace? Unlikely.

Anyway, not to be defeated, I headed out for a ski.  Cold but sunny.  Slow snow, sore body, tired body.  But worth every minute of suffering.  And now I'm home, Toby is in better spirits but his routine is out of whack and now he won't nap properly.

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