Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Do less

Doing less included not writing last night.  My new do less mantra manifests itself in two ways.  As picture 1 below demonstrates I have now outsourced care of Toby to Junior.  And in picture 2 we see an appropriate response to winter (the return of which is evidenced in picture 3).  Socks on hands, blanket, couch.  All of which leaves me with ample time to cook leeks in Le Creuset.  Did I tell you about Le Creuset?  I think I did but I will again.  It literally means cauldron in French; in English it means very expensive and rather heavy cookware.  But beautiful to look at and very satisfying to cook in (unless you are being cooked in it presumably).  But you probably know all that already.  What you less likely know, unless I've written about it before, is that the blue beauty was a gift from Crystal for our 6th wedding anniversary in November, traditionally recognised with iron.  I feel like I am teetering near the precipice of wholeheartedly embracing domesticity.  Not quite.  Crystal is planning a girls hiking trip to Gros Morne, and I a Yukon canoeing trip, for the summer.  We have reconciled our impatience and our inability to wait until the kids are old enough for grand adventures by going our separate ways, temporarily.     

Right now, I have cleverly continued my outsourcing program to include Felicity's care.  She has been packed off to Dovercourt's preschooler program with her friend Cedar.  Hang on!  Who's going to feed Toby when he wakes up from his nap?!  Oh dear.  Bad human resource management.   

There we go, my train of thought disturbed by a waking toddler.  And now it is 8.30pm, the house is mercifully quiet, the tidying that has been done will not be undone for at least 10 hours and we await Crystal's adventure companions for planning session re: aforementioned hiking trip.  I will retreat to the basement to do man stuff - make shelves.  I might take a picture when they're done.

Pictures better integrated into text or altogether at the bottom? 

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