Thursday, January 8, 2015

Sick boy

Our little man has had a high fever for the last two days which has meant him being surgically attached to me for... two days.  Felicity has been neglected and its all been pretty miserable.  This on the back of the extreme cold earlier in the week has meant a lot of house-bounded-ness.  Luckily Toby did still nap or I may have slipped a disc by the end of the ordeal.  Here he is looking decidedly displeased with life.

Meanwhile Felicity had her own sick baby in carrier.  She took good care of her patient, feeding monkey a steady supply of Cheerio "pills".

When Toby did take his naps, Felicity and I retreated into the basement to work on the new shelving for our storage bins.  She's a good helper, holding the end of the wood while I saw so that it doesn't sheer off before the cut is finished.  Although clearly she must be some of distraction because I ended up with a sloping shelf when I mis-measured one of my spacings.  Did I just blame my incompetence on an unwitting 2-year old?  I think I did.

Look at those work boots!

This was day two of Toby's illness.  We got outside for about 4 minutes before Toby woke up.

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