Saturday, January 24, 2015

Post 101

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

I'm not about to give a 101 on posting but this is my 101st blog post since starting in 2009.  This has been a busy week of appointments and citizenship ceremonies.  On Friday I found myself in the waiting room of a very sleek looking cosmetic surgery clinic.  At least that's what I deduced.  Enigmatically known as the "Ottawa Clinic" there's not much to give it away.  Nevertheless the endless fashion magazines, leaflets about skin treatments and the big posterboard in the exam room advertising the latest "round gel" breast implants gave it away.  So my secret is out.  I am tired of the receding hairline, the mismatched ears and the yellowing teeth.  It's time for an overhaul.  In fact I have a lipoma on my right flank.  It's been there for years.  Various doctors have said don't worry and I didn't until some doctor friends of ours pointed out that the longer it grows the more messy it will be to remove.  So my family doctor referred me to a day surgeon who thought it was too attached to the muscle to do in his clinic so he sent me for an ultrasound and now I'm in Dr Chan's office and he feels like it is not as free moving as the lipomas he normally sees so he'd like an MRI before we go any further and that means getting some blood tests to see if my kidneys can handle the indicator dye and before we know it it will be 2020 and I'll have a grapefruit attached to my side and I'll still be waiting for some test or another.  In the meantime, here is the offending right flank (WARNING: nipple exposure, sort of, under all that hair):

Anothe angle? Oh ok then...

Things perked up as the day progressed.  It got up to -2C which feels tropical right now.  I hit the canal with the kiddly winkles and they took it in turns to sleep.  Easy on the way out with a fair wind behind but that chariot acts like a bucket scooping up the wind on the way back.

And another skate for Lauren's birthday rounded out a thoroughly Canadian day to celebrate my new found citizenship.

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