Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ski 13: Felicity's first ski

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Today we all went to P8 with Deb, Jay and Olivia.  It was very mild, around 1C, which was perfect for Felicity's first ski.

Felicity with her new-to-her cross-country skis, carried with panache I must say.

So far so good.

Maybe Felicity is pushing or maybe Dad is pulling...

One way or another Felicity is on her feet, upright and sort of smiling.  Not at all bad for a 22-month old!

Enjoying a well-earned rest and keeping Baby Toby warm inside the Chariot.

Eventually it all catches up on these outdoor adventurists who almost scrape together a grand totalof  2 years of life experience between them.

There would be no point in doing these things if there was no hot chocolate and cookies at the end.  With godparents Deb and Jay and favourite friend Olivia.

This little man has rosy cheeks to show for his morning out on the snow.

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