Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer's knocking

The hottest day of the year so far saw the leg warmers come off for the first time much to the excitement of, well, me. I went out on my own today and tried to push it a little which saw my average speed up to 28.1 kph for the 118 km loop. That pushed my HR to an average 149 for the 4.5 hours that I was out and gave me distinctly wobbly legs for the rest of the day. But in my unscientific training world I am sure that those hill bursts close to max HR will be adding some strength to my legs.

So, I often read The Original Big Ring's blog for two reasons: (i) it's a good source of info for riding routes and general biking inspiration and (ii) it's just a very entertaining read! Big Ring's wife works with my wife Crystal hence the connection. Anyway Big Ring rides with the intriguingly named Vegan Vagabond so as I am climbing out of Wakefield I think I recognise aforementioned Vegan (whose real name at that point I do not know) at which point I will let her pick up the story... "Are you the Vegan Vagabond?"

And here is the route:

And finally today it is confession time. I think I am a closet Lance Armstrong fan. This goes against all my instincts: brash Texan, egocentric competitor etc. But the guy is fascinating and if you take his story at face value it is one of the most extraordinary in sport. Add to that the Tour de France, drugs aside, is possibly the greatest sporting event on earth and I am hooked. So my daily surfing routine now includes Lance's twitter feed complete with nauseating "hey y'all"s and a blow by blow account of his nightly dining habits. But some great pictures and a fascinating insight into the comeback trail of a 37 year old 7 times Tour winner and cancer survivor.

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

The vegan part of my name is self explanatory; the vagabond is because I started the blog when I biked across Canada :)

I'm definitely going to try out this route soon. Thanks again.