Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, +15C is extreme and sunshine with it. That was Saturday and I took full advantage once I had broken free of the chasing pack (Deb, Jay and Crystal) and was back on the Gatineau Riviera heading north to Wakefield. Pictures to follow - our new home is a technology-free zone until Acanac telecoms have the good grace to reconnect us (update 2/4: reconnected!).

The beautiful Gatineau river:

The old Wakefield bridge:

The long and open road:

Sunday came and the rain fell. Perfect weather for plumbing. Having been reduced to a single cold tap in the house I taught myself (yes I am very proud!) to take apart, repair and replace taps and pea traps. And the action on the new downstairs bathroom taps... let's just say smoooth! Overnight I have been transformed from a don't-touch-a-thing tenant to a fully fledged house proud odd jobber. And let's face it, if you are planning to live with a tap for many years, it may as well work nicely. Same theory applies to spouses. Maybe.

There's only one way to tear yourself away from under the sink - hot yoga. An hour and a half in a 37C room with 20 or 30 other sweaty people is good for the soul. That's what Yogi Bikram says anyway and who am I to argue with someone who can tickle his tonsils with his big toe (I made that up).

Back in the merry old US of A today pondering a 10,000 word Open University assignment and an almost impenetrable medical insurance system that is still not paying up for my sprained ankle of last November. I could bore you for hours. Well minutes at least.

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