Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beautiful Quebec

A New York state teaching test, 10,000 words of Open Univeristy dissertation, two trips to Potsdam and 348 km on the bicycle have kept me away from the blog for the last ten days. It all came together today with a 118 km spectacular to Wakefield and around Lac McGregor in Quebec with Chris and Greg. I finally took camera with me but the batteries died so here is someone else's picture (thank you "LeGeddy") of what we saw but you'll have to imagine the blue as white, still mainly frozen over as the lake was.

The other big news is that we are now 1 day away from fully finished floors and 2 days away from an inhabitable house. I never new I could get excited about floors but they look stunning. I love the fact that we have these natural wood floors and we can now see every whirl, knot and unusual grain in every board. If you going to have a chunk of nature in the house you may as well appreciate it. Pictures to follow the grand opening on Monday - I don't want to spoil the surprise!

And finally, today's route:

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