Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ski #12: Mission accomplished, 37 for 37

We did it. Chris Roy and I. Yesterday, Saturday.  37km skate skiing around the park. It was fun, really fun. I took some photos. 

Here are the details:

P8-P9 - 3.5
P10-junction - 4
Junction-Champlain - 2.5
Champlain-McKinstry - 9.2
McKinstry-Champlain - 9.2
Champlain-Penguin via #1 - 7.3
Penguin-P8 - 1

Approx. 36.7km

We left a bag at Huron on the way up which was a magical treat on the way back. Stopped at Huron, McKinstry and Huron again. Strava said 36.5 when we got back to P8 so we skied 250m towards P9 and back!

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