Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ski #11: Precious children

Dr Meg Wilson works shifts in the ER which is great for everyone but especially great for me, Felicity and Toby when she chooses to spend a day off skiing with us.  It was a snowy, milder day yesterday and we went all out skiing to Keogan after a gnarly drive to P10.  Felicity did her best ski to date on the way back down and if we had had more time she could have done even more.  Next time I think we will try some uphill.

That was Wednesday.  Now it is Thursday, the snow has been cleared up and the sun is shining. And it is cold again.  My son is developing in leaps and bounds but is currently hell bent on climbing everything.  The problem is that he can so if I turn around for a moment he is on a chair or a coffee table.  I vaguely remember this phase with Felicity but I think she was slightly less reckless.  Case in point, he has just climbed onto the chair, leaned over to the fruit bowl with the result that the chair slowly slid backwards.  This is why I write my blog in the evening.  Only evenings have more or less evaporated with my spec ed course, course work, Crystal's soccer, flooding the rink and sleeping.

All that to say, the blog will carry on recording skiing and hopefully some magic family moments but it's going to have to have a rest.  He's on the f@#king chair again!!!  Help!

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