Monday, March 16, 2009

Quebec by bike

Passport safely at home I ventured across the river into Quebec. 90km later I crossed back into Ontario. In between, rolling hills, ski slopes, the Gatineau Riviera (a very quiet road that runs along the river just south of Wakefield down to Chelsea) and 4 hours of unbroken sunshine. Cycle computer has got lost in the melee of packing but heart rate monitor came with me today: 3hrs 52mins; av. HR 136; 2500 calories (take with a pinch of salt!).

A stunning ride, shame about the bumpy roads. I stayed on my bike until I was about 5 km from home when my good fortune weaving between pot holes and SUVs ran out with a full end-over-end somersault that landed me hip first into a cold, oily, puddle in the middle of the road. Months of freeze thaw not withstanding the roads are in shocking, and often quite dangerous, condition. Plan for today? Head out onto the roads of course!

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