Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Slow Monday

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Things I don't take photos of:  Felicity straddling Toby's back bashing him on the head with her fist before pulling his hair and then slapping his head.  I am sure this is normal 2 year old sibling behaviour (no I'm not!) but it still makes me angry which is probably the wrong reaction.

A few words about the weekend. It was our 6th wedding anniversary as I mentioned on Friday.  The kids went to the grandparents and we took off for the hills.  We hiked to a hut (non-stop), hiked back, sat in Chelsea's finest coffee shop, read the paper, went to the pub for supper and then drove straight to the cinema to see the intense, slightly disturbing but very captivating Gone Girl.  Then we slept for nearly 9 uninterrupted, gloriously wonderful hours.  All that was required on Sunday morning was to get up, run togerth with the dog, drive to eat breakfast, wander some art galleries and drink tea on the sofa.  It was all as good as it sounds.  We missed our monkeys but what a lovely little break.

So this is how today went, apart from the head bashing bit.  Felicity got up late, had breakfast and got dressed while Toby was getting ready for his first nap.  Felicity and I made a lasagne to freeze (my Dad is coming on Thursday) then Toby woke up.  Snack time.  Play time.  Time to get ready to go to the park.  Felicity announces she is tired and wants to sleep in the stroller.  I get her ready and send her out to wait.  She has a meltdown with the stroller, something to do with the wrong blankets, who knows, I bring her back in, get her undressed and take her to bedroom for a lie down.  By now Toby is dressed and ready to go outside.  Out we go and spend half and hour trundling around the garden.  Felicity is recovered and tries to get dressed to come out but then gives up and decides to stay in.  Toby and I come in.  Snack time.  Time for Toby's second nap.  Set Felicity up with colouring while I take Toby up.  And it's 3 o'clock.  This has actually been quite a good day.  I think it's what the kids needed.  They went to Grandma and Nonno on Saturday for the night and then had a party to go to on Sunday evening.  It will be busy when Grandpa Ian is here so a few quiet days are in order.

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gmedhurst said...

Do you watch Breaking Bad? He looks like he's off to the meth lab in that outfit.